As a geotechnical consultant we take an active part in the preparation of the investments. Already at the stage of selection of the site, we carry out a research as part of due diligence - a feasibility study. We determine whether the planned investment is burdened with the risk of significant costs.

During the project, we advise on the engineering earth works, foundation engineering, soil improvement and drainage and groundwater problems. We support construction companies by executing geotechnical soil investigation on the construction site and evaluating soil properties as an appropriate for the foreseen investment.

We are fully aware of the importance of professional geotechnical service while managing the construction process, and we each time tailor our offer to your needs, becoming a flexible partner, adapting to the changing conditions on the site.

In the scope of geotechnics, we carry out the following works:

  • drilling,
  • dynamic sounding DPL, DPM, DPH, DPSH,
  • static sounding CPTU, SCPTU,
  • field vane testing FVT,
  • testing with low-diameter in-line probe (RKS),
  • complete laboratory testing of soils and rocks,
  • on the basis of the executed tests, we prepare reports on the geotechnical conditions of the foundation as well as geotechnical documentation.

Geotechnical conditions of the foundation

With the effect as from 29th of April 2012, the Ordinance of Minister of Transport, Construction and Maritime Economy of 25th of April 2012 on the determination of geotechnical conditions for foundation of building structures (Journal of Laws of 2012, item 463), replacing the so far mandatory in this matter the Ordinance of the Minister of Internal Affairs and Administration of 24th of September 1998 (Journal of Laws of 1998, No. 126, item 839), defines the scope of activities carried out at determining the geotechnical conditions of the foundation, and these are:

  • classifying a building structure into the appropriate geotechnical category;
  • design of dewatering;
  • preparation of assessment of the applicability of soils used in the earth works;
  • design of tighting barriers or screens;
  • determination of the load-bearing capacity, displacements and overall stability of soil;
  • determination of the interaction between a building and soil in various stages of construction and operation as well as the interaction between the building structure and the ghbouring existing structures;
  • slope stability assessment, excavations and backfills
  • selection of the reinforcement method of soil and stabilisation of slopes, slopes of excavations and backfills stability
  • assessment of the interaction between the groundwater and a building;
  • assessment of the degree of contamination of soil and selection of methods for soil remediation.

The Ordinance also defines the forms of presentation of the geotechnical conditions of the foundation, and these are:

  • geotechnical opinion,
  • soil testing documentation,
  • geotechnical design / project.